San Diego Engagement Photographer | Doga & Peter | Mission Trails Park

Doga and Peter are our family friends and I am so glad that we were able to schedule a last minute engagement session! We went to a popular trail near my house and it was  beginning to sprinkle by the time we started driving. It is rare for me to have to deal with bad weather, (I actually have never cancelled a photo shoot due to weather! Knock on wood!) but it worked out perfect because it stopped sprinkling right away, and we had the trail to ourselves! Those two are so, so cute together. Just staring through my lens how they interact with each other made me grin and feel warmhearted. It was one of the smoothest and most relaxing photo shoots I have ever had and that is because they were so happy hanging out with each other in the woods and I really didn’t have to guide them much! One time I wanted them to have a serious face and they just couldn’t pull that off, there were only smiles on their faces! They are going to be tying the knot this Sunday and I am so excited for them! Biggest congratulations to Doga and Peter!

Wedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7168 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7194 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7207 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7159 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7212 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7215 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7232 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7234 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7250 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7287 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7252 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7327 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7330 copyPINIMAGE  Wedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7091 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7365 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7433 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7438 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7421 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7465 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7115 copyPINIMAGE

  • Marie Monforte - Stunning engagement photos- you captured such joy and love in this couple! Great location too!

  • Angela Beransky - You captured great connection!

  • Derick Le - Great work Kaori! I love this location that you pick for this couple! I been at Mission trail before but I’m going to have to check out this location at the bridge that you shot 😉

  • Sophie - These are truly amazing. I love that San Diego location and your composition on these are beautiful. Great job on this session!

  • Rachel Manning - This is a gorgeous engagement session at Mission Trails! You did such an amazing job capturing their connection together and I love the compositions you created using the bridge and the stunning landscapes around you. Beautiful work, as always!

  • Frank - Beautiful engagement session in San Diego! I never knew Mission Trails Park had such a gorgeous landscape. Really well done with your photography. I’m sure Doga and Peter loved them!

  • Saskia - I have only been a few times to Mission Trails park, but it’s a beautiful place to do a engagement session. Your photos are beautiful.

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