Balboa Park Wedding | Doga and Peter

Doga and Peter’s wedding was at the beautiful Courtyard Lawn in Balboa Park. It was a sunny, warm afternoon, with a light breeze and I could feel that this wedding was going to be perfect. Every family member and guest was happy, relaxed, and just enjoying being there for the bride and groom. Doga and Peter are our family friends, and I was honored to be capturing their special day. Doga’s mother flew from Turkey days before the wedding, and people from all over the continent gathered to celebrate their marriage. Congratulations Doga and Peter! I wish you eternal happiness! Check out their engagement session a few weeks ago at Mission Trails Regional Park.Wedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7791 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7816 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7971 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7839 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7851 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7887 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7996 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_7998 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8026 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8102 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8125 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8113 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8132 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8154 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8183 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8212 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8286 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8308-2 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8297 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8348 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8414 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8419 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8435 copyPINIMAGEWedding_Photographer_SanDiego_Doga&PeterIMG_8483 copyPINIMAGE

  • Marie Monforte - I find mysf looking through these again and again! So fun! Beautiful clean style!

  • Sophie - I love these! The light in these is great and the way you captured this beautiful couple os perfection. I love the ‘flower’ girl hat! How cute and creative! My favorite is the gorgeous image of the married couple in front of the Cypress Trees! Beautiful composition!

  • Angela Beransky - SO beautiful Kaori! I love how you captured that happy bride!

  • Rachel Manning - You captured this wedding so beautifully! I love these images! Especially the ones of couple before their ceremony and that wide angle shot with the cypress trees. So creative!

  • Frank Tupas - Gorgeous wedding at the Courtyard Lawn in Balboa Park! Love the connection you showed between the bride and groom. Great work!

  • Derick Le - I love your first location by the pool. I used to shoot there before. Great location and well layout story!

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