Project 365 | Month 10 | Letters to my son | Kai, 6 Years Old

It seems as though this month came and past by so fast. We had Kai’s 6th birthday at Grotto Climbing Gym. He invited some of his close friends and wanted to design his own birthday party. He had requested pizzas, drinks, snacks, and even specified how his birthday cake will look and taste like – Chocolate cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries in the middle. For the first time he wanted no characters on his cake. Characters are for little kids he says!


Dear Kai

Happy 6th Birthday! I am so proud of you for who you have become. I think you are so mature for your age. You are the best at cleaning up a messy room. I can count on you to finish your project whatever that might be. When you have an idea in your mind, you just get up and start working – whether making a giant fort in the living room, making a story book out of copy papers and tape, or making a butter and jam sandwich for your next day’s lunch! You can remember what you need to bring to school, and you can get ready in the morning all by yourself except you sometimes forget to use the restroom. What a high achiever you are. I know being a middle kid among three brothers can be tough at times, but Kai, you are doing an awesome job! You make everyone feel at ease and make us laugh with your silly dance. You are by far the best comedian for baby Charlie. I love that you are always so generous. Yesterday when we heard the ice cream truck you darted back home and got your money out of your money jar to buy all your friends and your brother a round of ice cream!! Kai, I think you are just an amazing person. Keep it up big boy. I love you so much!


Kai 6 Years Old BD Interview from Kaori Toda Devine on Vimeo.




Some images from Halloween this year.



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