Project 365 | Month 11 | Charlie is 6 Months Old

November is my favorite month. The sun is always soft and warm. I get mesmerized by the afternoon sun haze, yearning to photograph in the golden hour. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It is all about family get togethers, and it is one holiday that I don’t have to worry about candies or gifts. Plus, I love Thanksgiving dinner. If I were to introduce one American holiday to Japan, this would be it.

This month, I decided to make a DAY IN THE LIFE movie. Charlie turned 6 months old, and he is getting so big and strong. He is sitting up on his own, until eventually he slowly tips over. He wants to reach and grab everything with his little puffy hands. He has a big smile whenever he sees me, daddy, or his brothers. He has a cute giggle. He has been experimenting with his voice, too. He likes to say “bah bah bah”. In Japanese, Baba means grandmother, so my mom will be very proud to hear that! He is mesmerized with his hands. It’s like he is seeing some kind of brand new invention. We think he is the cutest baby in the whole wide world. Everybody in our family loves to kiss him and squeeze his legs. I enjoy studying his facial expressions and giving kisses to his chubby tummy, legs, neck and of course his cheeks. He is the perfect round baby and I am enjoying every minute with him.



  • Angela Beransky - So beautiful Kaori!
    My favorite moments were when baby was sucking on the pacifier that is not there during his sleep and when you recorded how he pulls up his chubby legs and plays with them 🙂 Love this! oh and also the moment when big brothers were with baby Charlie on the bed 🙂

    This whole video thing inspires me to start a new project next year and make something precious like that!

  • - Thanks Angela!! Yes! Do it! I love what a movie can capture such as their voice, laugh, movement etc where you cannot capture that in the photo.

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