San Diego Family Photographer | Le Family | Balboa Park

Baby Olivia is the most adorable baby girl around. She had these big dark brown eyes and when she saw me at the photo session, she gave me a shy yet sweet smile. And my heart melted. I knew this session was going to be a good one! She was happy, cute as a fluffy donut (That’s what her parents called her!) and she just enjoyed the time snuggling and playing with her parents. I am thinking her gentle and quiet spirit came from her dad, and her joyous soul came from her beautiful mom. We picked Balboa Park because they love coming here. This was their happy place where they spent many mornings and afternoons taking a stroll. This is one of my most favorite places to be in San Diego too, so it was perfect. We picked a weekday evening for their photo shoot, so we wouldn’t have to worry about crowds. We could not have asked for a better day to photograph this adorable family. It was a warm sunny evening, with just the right breeze coming through this beautiful canyon. I am completely in love with everything about this family photo session. Enjoy!

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  • Marie Monforte - Oh my goodness fluffy donut is such a perfect little name for this cutie; I just want to eat her up! I love this Balboa Park session! I lov how you found unique little spots and angles to keep it fresh! This is such a beautiful collection of family photos!

  • - Thank you Marie! Balboa park has so much to offer. Every time I go there, I find a new beautiful spots!

  • Merima Helic - Lovely Balboa Park family photos – even managed some beautiful sunset through all the buildings. Beautiful work!

  • - Thank you Merima for your kind words!!

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