Project 365 | Month 7 | Washington & Oregon Road Trip

I hope you all are having a nice summer. I love the carefree days and nights where kids (and us parents) can just relax without homework or bedtime. We love going swimming, playing basketball, or having an impromptu dinner with friends. I always debate if I should bring my camera with me or not. Half of the time I don’t because I just want to enjoy my time with family. Hopefully my kids will appreciate having these images that tell the story of this time in their life.

Last month as soon as school ended we left to visit my in-law’s family in Twisp, Washington. It’s been 8 years since the last time we visited there. Driving through the woods looking over the North Cascade snowy mountains was beyond words, beautiful. Everywhere we saw was lush and green. No wonder people leave big cities and live here. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! It was good for my soul. We enjoyed seeing our family and my boys had a blast!




This is grandpa Seamus and grandma Libby’s backyard. Yes, a teepee! He built it for us so the boys could stay there. It had two comfortable beds with mosquito nets. The hand painted drawing on this teepee was beautiful. I laid in bed and looked up at these drawings, thinking of the Indians who lived in these.San_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_0860PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_0571PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographer_2017mt6IMG_0611PINIMAGE


After Twisp, we drove through Seattle and to Portland, Oregon to see our friends. Then headed to a beach house on Cannon beach. The house was a block away from the famous Haystack rock. What a magnificent view! I was regretting not bringing my 24mm lens by this time. I missed out so much on making landscape images! The house had the biggest swing I have ever seen! We had to push the kids because it was so big they could not pump themselves.

San_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_1026PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_1063PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_1101PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographer_2017mt6IMG_1146PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_1192PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_1176PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographerIMG_1300PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_photographer_2017mt6IMG_1408PINIMAGEThanks for reading till the end. I truly appreciate you following my blog post!


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