Escondido Newborn Photographer | Baby Rei, 17 days old

This is baby Rei and her brand new family. She was just 17 days old when we had her newborn session. She was a calm, happy, and alert baby almost the entire three hour session! The good thing about awake baby at a newborn session is that I can take images with their eyes open! Of course, we always get “funny expression” faces when they are awake, but I love to capture them all. Her big sister was so loving of her baby sister. She couldn’t get enough of holding her and looking at the little hands and toes. Mom wanted to get one picture of everyone together, including their three beautiful pugs. Without being asked, the dogs were always in the frame! What a mellow and gentle dogs! I always welcome pets to be a part of the portrait session because they sure are a part of the family.



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