Session Guide

What is a typical session like?

A typical session lasts about 1 hour at an outdoor location. I try to make it relaxed and fun, and while some of the portraits will be posed, I also try to capture the natural moments in between. I love capturing images that shows authentic emotions (happy or serious) and true characteristics of the person. So please do not feel like everyone has to pose for the camera all the time. Sometimes images that show natural interaction among family is the most beautiful image to remember. For parents, please don’t direct your children. Instead, try to make them giggle and have a good time with them. Pictures will turn out great when there is moments of fun, love, and authentic connection among your family. You should feel free to let me know if there are certain poses or groupings of family members that you want included. I’m always willing to incorporate your ideas, so don’t be shy if you have any suggestions.


What should we wear?

Bright colors and neutral colors tend to photograph well. While it used to be popular for everyone to wear matching outfits, many families are now leaning towards choosing a color palette and letting each family member choose their favorite clothes within those colors. The color palette can be light, neutral or pastel colors, or you can go with brighter tones like red, green, blue or yellow. You might also want to think about a theme — for example, retro, classic, urban, elegant, bright & sunny, or casual and laid back. The most important thing is to choose clothing that matches your family’s style, and especially for kids, something that they will be comfortable in and happy to wear. Aside from choosing a color palette (and a theme if it suits you), the only “rule” I would suggest is to avoid wearing shirts or jackets with big logos or characters. They can be distracting and take the focus away from your family’s beautiful faces.

For maternity shoots, you may bring two to three outfit changes. An empire dress or a maxi dress will look very flattering (you want to show your belly!). If you are comfortable showing your belly in photos, bring a button down shirt with jeans. A hat, a scarf or bold jewelry are also fun items to add.

Please pick out your outfit at least a week in advance of the session so that you are not scrambling the hour before your session. You want to feel calm and relaxed on the day of your session. For moms, I suggest getting your hair and make up done in advance as well.

To maximize the time of your photo shoot, please be ready and in your outfits at the time of your session. I suggest arriving 15 minutes early if you are getting ready at the location.


What should we bring?

If your family includes small children, you may want to pack a small bag with snacks and juice. Children (and adults) are always in a better mood if they have full bellies and are well rested. Feel free to bring along any toy or a book that your child loves and that you don’t mind appearing in the photos (please consult with me before the session). Leave your wallet and phone in your car unless absolutely necessary. Please NO taking pictures with your phone during the session. Try to relax and rest few hours before the session so that you can bring lots of energy!


What happens if it rains or you need to cancel?

Overcast days are fine, but if it rains or it’s too windy, we will either need to move location, or reschedule the session. If your family members are sick or in an emergency situation and need to reschedule, please contact me 24 hours in advance.