San Diego Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Baby Elijah, 14 Days Old

Oh baby Elijah, you are one adorable baby! I love how this lifestyle newborn session turned out. What a sweet little person he is. I very much enjoyed meeting his parents and hanging out with the three of them at their home. When I do a lifestyle newborn session, I try not to have a set schedule or much expectations. I pretty much follow the baby’s mood and their schedule. Every little event at their brand new world is worth remembering. It might be the face he is making, or it might be as simple as strong eye contact, or it could be the way he gets mommy’s attention! Sweet love that is forming between the baby and parents, or mom and dad trying to comfort a crying baby are all important stories to remember. So I quietly follow them and capture everything. I hope you enjoy these images.

SanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5857PINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5933 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5864 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5841 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5938 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5942 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5964 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5767_1 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5768 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_6020 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_6046 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_6055 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5800 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_5813 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_6097 copyPINIMAGESanDiego_Newborn_Photographer_ElijahIMG_6164 copyPINIMAGE

  • CJ Thomas - Great job on these newborn photos! I especially like how you focused on the interaction with the parents and their little one!

  • Merima - Lifestyle family and newborn photos are the absolute best. Beautiful photos!

  • Ashley - Oh my word, I LOVE this newborn session! Lifestyle is my favorite. I love the nursery, the dog, and the look on the parent’s faces. Your photography is so stunning, San Diego is lucky to have you!

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