Project 365 | Month 5 | Charlie’s Fresh 48

On May 10th, 2016 at 9:45 pm our third child, Charlie Hiro Devine, was born. If you’d like to read about his birth story, here it is.

These were photographed on his second day. I was tired but I was determined to take a few images of him at the hospital. I knew the memory of those few days at the hospital would fade as soon as we got home. The vernix still stuck on his hair, the sweet smell of my newborn baby, his silky brand new skin, and us, his parents, exhausted and adrenaline high – I wanted to capture these things. This was the beginning of Charlie’s life outside of the womb.

Charlie’s older brothers Hue and Kai came to meet their baby brother for the first time. It was so sweet to see them quietly gazing at Charlie and his details. They were touching Charlie’s little head and feet, and were amazed at how little they were. Hue stared at Charlie’s tummy going up and down with each breath and he was mesmerized by how fast it was moving! I was relieved to see that my boys seemed accepting of our new addition to our family.

Charlie is mastering the basics of living outside of the womb, breathing and eating. Everyday, we are more in love with this little baby. My boys are so sweet to Charlie. They say “He is so cute!” all the time. It melts my heart seeing the three of them together.

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  • Sergey - Amazing! I love these photographs with baby and parents. Keep up your beautiful work!

  • CJ Thomas - Nice work! Really cool how you photographed him on his second day. The parents must love these photos of their newborn.

  • Angela Beransky - I love our natural style! Images are so real! You have a great eye on finding the perfect angles, light and moment!
    Your baby is just adorable!

  • Sophie - Congratulations! He is so sweet! I am so impressed you managed to capture these amazing shots just a day after his birth! Amazing!

  • Marie Monforte - Love all these precious moments! It’s the details that fade in our memories over time and this is such an amazing record of them! Love!!

  • Merima - You are amazing – every one of those photos is a treasure that your family will love forever. How many people get to create this kind of project for their own family, as they see it? Absolutely love it.

  • Rachel Manning - Such beautiful images captured of your new baby boy! I’m impressed you were able to capture these just a few days postpartum. I wish I had done the same for my two. It goes so fast. You will love having these memories to look back on.

  • Ashley - I love this fresh 48 session! What a sweet baby! Your photography captured everything so perfectly!

  • - Merima, thank you for your kind words!

  • - Rachel, thank you for your kind words! I am so grateful to get to take pictures of my kids all the time. Hopefully they will appreciate it someday!

  • - Thank you Ashley!

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