San Diego Family Photographer | Hargrove Family

These are great family friends of ours. We actually live about 100 steps away from each other and we take advantage of our friendship all the time. Like borrowing each others food or household stuff, do Costco food sharing, send each others’ kids away without notice, and we have all kinds of impromptu evening or morning get-togethers. We love being neighbors! I never get tired of seeing those two cute kiddos and I also love taking pictures of them.

So for the shoot location, we naturally picked this field in front of our house, filled with wild yellow mustard flowers. I would do every photo shoot here if I can! How fortunate are we to have such a beautiful open field where our kids can run around and we always have gorgeous light in the evening?

San_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_1840PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_1845PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_1893PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_1907PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_1918 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_1926 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_1968PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2006 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2033 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2037 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2083 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2104PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2111 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2134PINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2152 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2172 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2182 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2188 copyPINIMAGESan_Diego_Family_Photographer_HargroveFam_201704IMG_2239PINIMAGE

  • Angela Beransky - Love everything about this session ! Family had so much fun!
    Light is amazing!
    My favorite was the nursing image! You are so talented Kaori!

  • Marie Monforte - Kaori, this field is right in front of your house?? What a treasure! These photos are gorgeous and how wonderful that you all are so close with your neighbors! These photos will provide gorgeous memories for not only this adorable family but your own as well! LOVE!

  • - Thank you Angela for your kind words!!

  • - Thank you Marie! Yes, we have this field in front of our house! It is mostly dead grass or dirt field except the month of April. We definitely take advantage of it this year!

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