Project 365 | Month 5 | Letters to my son

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie! I still remember so vividly the day you were born. We were so excited that you finally decided to come meet us that day. Your brothers were so sweet when they saw you for the first time. I think they fell in love.

Charlie, you are so cute. I love your big round forehead, chubby legs and puffy feet. I think all of your body parts are cute in every way. I am still amazed that your dad and I made such an adorable human being. I love that your toes open up and curl when you are so focused on standing. I love how your breath sounds louder when you are excited. I love how you stomp your palms when you crawl. I love that you wiggle and dance to pretty much any beat that you hear. I love that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet. Oh and you love making loud noises! You can also wave and say “hi”. You are such a calm soul, just like your brothers. Everyday I see you pushing your self to new skills and new discovery. You love the dishwasher. The moment the door is open, you crawl to it with your fastest crawl. Recently you really love climbing into the bathtub.

Charlie, we adore you. Your brothers love you so much. They are so protective of you, it’s really touching. You bring so much tenderness and joy to our family. I love you!


  • Marie Monforte - Oh my goodness these are so amazing! I love how they are simultaneously so documentary in style yet also very artistic! Your compositions are beautiful! (And that little foot crawling into the tub series is my favorite!)

  • Carmen - Kaori, Charlie is so cute and so lucky to have so many awesome pictures that he’ll cherish when he’s older. Love your sweet letter to him and all the details you captured.

  • - Carmen thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it. 😀

  • - Thanks Marie!! He is so fun to photograph. I want to remember him in all activities! Such cuteness. 😀

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